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January 10, 2013
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TGB- Kehri Ref by bumblezee TGB- Kehri Ref by bumblezee



True Name| Kehri (keh REE) (Swahili, "Better")

Kit Name| Sky (for his sky-blue eyes)

Nicknames| Keh, Ri, Sky, Pretty-Boy {Called this by Kena}


Season-Cycles| 4

Moons| 48

Season| Fall (September 22nd, Virgo)


Sex| Male

Breed| Chausie (Jungle Cat x DSH) (50%), Sokoke (50%)

Height| 16”

Length| 29" (nose to tail-tip)

Weight| 19 lbs.

Eye Color| Sky blue

Scars| A wide, jarring gash on his back (unknown), three scratches under his right eye and a small gash on his neck (Cenek), and a few small scratches on the bridge of his nose and on his right flank (caiman)

Accessories| A bead and feather necklace (Kena), two silver anklets with obsidian studs (remnants of his armor)

Rundown| Kehri is a very large tan-colored tom with a fighter’s build. His tail has been cut short, and while he used to have an abundance of suave hair atop his head, it has been reduced to a small tuft. His ears are tufted, a trait from his father’s side, and he smells like mint and raspberry.


{Remaining; 7 | Taken; 2 | Total; 9}
1| Spring | Kehri used the skill "Memento Mori" to kill a caiman in an attempt to save Tuari.
2| Spring | Basil was killed by another caimain while recovering from their first death.
3| Season | Description
4| Season | Description
5| Season | Description
6| Season | Description
7| Season | Description
8| Season | Description
9| Season | Description


Currently In| Light-Tribe

Born In| Exile

Loyalty| Light-Tribe

Tattoo| Silver-Light

Ability| Secondary

Rank| Leader

Former Ranks| Exile, Healer, Deputy


{Age: 4 | Level: 9 | Rank: 4}

1 | Toxin Knowledge | You have a basic toxic knowledge.

2 | Aching Head | You give your opponent a headache; they find it difficult to concentrate, and bright lights bother them. Takes a lot of energy.

3 | Aching Gut | Your opponent is nauseated; their stomach is upset and they feel sick. Takes a lot of energy.

4 | Inhibiting the Senses | You weaken one of your opponent's senses (sight, hearing, scent, touch) but you don't know which one. Fades over a short amount of time.

5 | Miasma | Creates a small area of poisonous fog around you. You cannot move while projecting it; when you stop projecting it, the fog loses its potency and fades quickly.

6 | Weak Paralysis | You make your opponent's movements difficult! Takes a lot of concentration.

7 | Mild Paralysis | Your opponent has great difficulty moving! You are slower, takes a lot of concentration.

8 | Contamination | Coats your fangs and claws with a potent toxin: infects any wound it comes in contact with; wilts plants; pollutes water.

9 | Contact Poison | Through a bite, scratch, or any open wound, you inflict poison onto your opponent. Makes them only slightly weak, dizzy, nauseated, and/or feverish. If used in succession, the symptoms worsen. Takes a lot of concentration. Will kill small prey (poison will remain in dead prey's system; consumption of poisoned prey will result in severe symptoms).

10 | Placebo | Your opponent experiences pain where they have no wounds. Hallucinations aren't frequent but may occur. Takes a lot of concentration!

11 | Full Paralysis | Your opponent can't move at all. But neither can you! Takes a lot of energy the longer you use it.

12 | Ultimate Assassin | You obliterate your opponent's immune system. Exclusively long-term effects; their immune system will heal over time, unless they get sick before it's completely healed. Counter-acted by the Primary "Ultimate Killer". Depletes your energy and concentration.

13 | Memento Mori | You inflict a fatal poison on your opponent. You also contract the sickness. You will both die within the hour.

SB 1 | Immunity | The Primary user is immune to the Secondary user's poison. However, the Secondary user is also immune to the Primary user's healing. This is a constant condition of their soulbonding; it cannot be de-activated.

SB 2 | I Can Feel You | The Primary and Secondary cats can feel each other's heartbeats.

SB 3 | Helping Paw | With the energy of the Secondary user, the Primary cat can heal bigger wounds faster, easier, and better.

SB 4 | Helping Paw 2 | With the energy of the Primary user, the Secondary cat can poison faster, harder, and more severely.



Mother| Candrima | Black-Shadow | Status Unknown
Father| Lefu | Black-Air | Status Unknown
Brother| Soren | Silver-Earth | Earth-Tribe

Former Mate| Amber | Black-Air | Status Unknown
Former Mate| Maika | Orange-Air | Deceased

Soulbound| Basil | Silver-Light | Light-Tribe

Son| Weiland | Green-Earth | Earth-Tribe
Son| Kazik | Blue-Air | Air-Tribe
Son| Emlyn | Blue-Shadow | Deceased
Son| Remus | Blue-Light | Light-Tribe
Daughter| Nina | Pink-Earth | Earth-Tribe
Daughter| Raven | Kit | Status Unknown
Daughter| Willow | Kit | Status Unknown
Son| Prince | Kit | Status Unknown
Daughter-in-Law| Akida | Orange-Earth | Earth-Tribe

Grandson| Boulder | Kit | Earth-Tribe
Granddaughter| Spirit | Kit | Earth-Tribe

Nephew| Ru | Kit | Water-Tribe
Nephew| Zu | Kit | Water-Tribe
Niece| Kari | Kit | Water-Tribe
Nephew| Cloud | Kit | Deceased

Former Mentor| n/a
Former Apprentice| Konane | Pink-Light | Deceased
Apprentice| Jace | Blue-Green-Light | Light-Tribe

Best Friend| Firo | Green-Earth | Earth-Tribe
Best Friend| Tuari | Silver-Water | Water-Tribe
Rival| n/a



Effective| When it comes to speaking to others (usually about his ideas, as wonderful or disturbing as they may be), Kehri knows how to be convincing. The way he words things, bending and twisting them to the best of his ability- makes him an amazing public speaker. Even in a normal conversation he seems to know the right words to use, or how to go about speaking to his companion(s) in the perfect way. Of course, if he’s flustered, it’s likely to show- unlike some Shadow-Tribers, he’s not too good at hiding his emotions, and anything that catches him completely off-guard might make him stutter or forget just exactly what it was he was saying.

Productive| Even if he complains, Kehri is always going to get done… well, whatever he needs to get done, and then some. This is more or less one of the more useful extensions of his pride, in the way that he’s likely to wait until someone’s around to watch him to do his work for compliments and respect- and whatever else he ends up getting~ ;D No but really, sitting around doing nothing is fun, but proving that you’re more than better than everyone else is even more fun, so, obviously Kehri’s going to choose the latter, even if it means scraping dung off a rock. Anything that proves that he’s better than you~

xxx| WIP


Impulsive| Kehri isn’t necessarily impatient, he just acts without thinking first. This is seen primarily as a negative trait, but Kehri works it fairly well. It’s not that he has bad ideas- it’s just that he doesn’t think to ask permission first. Why get permission from a higher authority when he knows his ideas are what’s best for everyone- especially himself? Besides, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, isn’t it?

Narcissistic| As seen in just about every other part of this personality description, Kehri is all about himself. “If you’re not me, then you’re not anyone to brag about.” That’s pretty much one of his mottos, and describes majority of his personality. That’s not to say he doesn’t care about others. He does, just… not as much as he cares about himself.

xxx| WIP


Flirtatious|Be it tom or she-cat, Kehri is always ready to hit on anything that moves. No, okay, that’s a big exaggeration, but seriously, this tom is most known for his flirtatious nature. He doesn’t necessarily have to be attracted to a cat in order to flirt with them- in fact, he finds it’s an easy way to get just what he wants. A wink here with a dash of charm, too (combined with his “absolutely gorgeous looks,” of course) make for one ready-to-knock-your-socks-off-tom. Or, so he believes. Majority of this aspect of his personality is just annoying and overwhelming, but it can be helpful to him, and anyone who’s relying on his help.

Formal| Contractions and other common-but-incorrect language tweaks just don’t work for this tom. Instead of saying, “You’re so crazy,” for example, Kehri might say, “You are one insane feline.” No really that’s a bad example but he’s not one to say something anywhere remotely similar to the “revolting garbage” that comes out of a kit’s mouth. He won’t outright state his disgust towards others’ language, but he will silently judge them and maybe give out a supercilious grin here and there.



Candrima and Lefu were never a couple to be described as “in love.” However, the latter had a thing for gorgeous, preppy she-cats, and the former had a thing for bad boys- so the lust was nothing short of extreme. Lefu, the son of two rogues, had never actually been a part of the Tribes, but bore the marking of an Air-Triber nonetheless, while Candrima held the grey smile of a Shadow-Triber. The she-cat was roughly a year old when she met the handsome exile, and he was barely older (though a good twice her size). Consumed by her lust, she instantly abandoned her family, running off into the forest with the strange tom.

Family Ties

The two cats were hardly adult-aged when Candrima had her first kitten, a big, rambunctious tan thing like his father, but with his mother’s bright blue eyes. In lieu of said eyes, the new mother named her son Sky, and left it at that. Candrima had trouble growing attached to her son, and when he was old enough to be weaned, began leaving him at home by himself. Eventually she got a kitsitter of sorts, a tom one of her own siblings had produced, named Adell. Adell proved himself to be one heck of a sitter, though perhaps not in the best of ways. Being only a few months older than his cousin, Adell appeased Sky in no ways whatsoever, and was one source of the tom’s kithood trauma issues. When Sky received a black tattoo just like Adell's, and got an explanation of the Tribes, the tabby tom vowed never to join the Tribes, for fear of spending more time with his oh-so-delightful cousin.

All Alone

Around his eighth moon of age, Sky grew tired of being treated poorly by his cousin and being virtually ignored by his parents, so he set off by himself. The murky forest he grew up in was nothing short of something he wanted to avoid for the rest of his life, so he quickly left it all behind, heading east as far as he could go. Eventually he reached another forest, full with birdsong and squirrels chattering and the like, and managed to settle down among a group of exiles. He only stayed for a few days before taking off again, moving a bit further south, towards present-day Air-Tribe territory.

A Pretty Face

Sky was about a season-cycle and a half when he joined another group of exiles. There he met the prettiest feline he'd ever met- a Russian Blue female named Amber. She was a small bit younger than himself, but her long legs and sleek frame didn't make her seem too short. The tom found himself instantly smitten, and it didn't take long for him to woo Amber. The two considered themselves mates, but after a moon or so, Sky became worried Amber might leave him, and decided to beat her to it. One night, the tabby tom up and left, unaware of the consequences that would follow suit.


When the tom was almost two season-cycles old, he found a nice den beside the lake to live in. He hadn't been there long when he discovered another tom-cat, but something about him was different: his tattoo was Green. Sky had never met a cat with an activated tattoo before, and this tom (who called himself Firo) said he was part of Earth-Tribe, and that he was scoping out the land while the Tribes prepared to move northward. Sky allowed his new friend to stay with him until the Tribes made it there, and when they did, the two said their good-byes and parted ways once more.


Firo hadn't been gone too long when Sky decided to join the Tribes. Light-Tribe itself had only been in its new camp for a few days when the tom joined, and received some Green in his tattoo and the Spirit-given name Kehri. It seemed fitting, in a way. Before long, Kehri had managed to hit on a number of different she-cats, and even pissed off a couple, including one of his Tribemates (Ameena). Upon closer inspection, he found her best friend to be much more appealing, and sought her out for a few moons (in-between half-dating another she-cat called Kena, though the two later called their affair off). Eventually, Kehri managed to convince Maika to become his mate, after which the caimans started their attack. When the Yellow-Light, Jazlyn, left the Tribes, Kehri took her place as Light-Tribe's deputy, and found out that his mate was expecting her first litter.





Orientation| Bisexual

Specified Preferences| :bulletblack: “Pretty” eyes
:bulletblack: Multi-colored fur

Attracted To| n/a


Season| Summer

Color| Violet

Prey| Fish

Location| Lake of Ezrael


Tribe-Related| :bulletblack: For his Tribemates to respect him as a leader.

Personal| :bulletblack: To finally be 100% happy with his life and decisions.


Tribe-Related|:bulletblack: To be seen as nothing more than a joke.

Personal| :bulletblack: Being a father.


Canon| n/a

Headcanon| n/a

Non-Canon| n/a



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Taken from a roleplay between myself and creabooty of our characters Kehri and Kena

[Silver-Light | Kehri | The Stepping Stones]

It was as he moved south that the tom-cat realized he hardly ever did, or that he hadn’t in many a moon. Since Maika had come to live in Light-Tribe, and had visited frequently beforehand after their courtship, Kehri had no need to travel much of anywhere. But, that was the fun in this- he had no need to go anywhere! For once he was taking a bit of time off from his duties, quite a rare sight for him, and the only weight on his shoulders was the pressure of finally having a full belly- the tom had managed to force himself to eat a proper meal, rather than just scarfing a mouse every now and again. While his sleeping still proved to be quite irregular, and last night had been no different, the Silver-Light had a slight spring in his step, and it certainly showed.

He hadn’t been walking very long, and already he was encountering a bit of water. It was nothing like the lake to the north of his camp, just a simple stream, but it was water nonetheless, and the tom was easily fascinated. Ever since he was a kit Kehri had been quite fond of the liquid, and the tiny fish that swam within- perhaps that’s why he’d so often found himself living by the lake, and why he was so willing to join Light-Tribe, given the fact that their camp was literally only paces away from the Waters of Ezrael.
But, lakes were large, and this creek was nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, there was still a rather convenient path across- a tumble of rocks reaching from either side, making it so easy to switch from neighboring Light-Tribe’s territory to bordering Shadow-Tribe’s.

The thought of Shadow-Tribe made the tom smile a bit, sentiment slipping into his veins. He used to visit the territory quite often, many moons back, when he was interested in one of the most beautiful she-cats he’d ever met. That wasn’t to say he’d lost interest in her, nor had he stopped appreciating her beauty- it was simply that she’d found a mate, and so had he. And that wasn’t bad, of course, but he did miss her company, and it seemed like even now he could still smell her—
Though, that likely had something to do with the fact that she was literally right across the stream from him.

”Kena!” the Silver-Light mewed excitedly, his tufted ears flicking forward and a grin spreading from one side of his face to the other, wide blue eyes exaggerating the heavy bags beneath them.

Character, Art © moi
TGB © Atalae, Tzurai and Sycophantism
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