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July 15, 2012
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TGB- Ameena Ref by bumblezee TGB- Ameena Ref by bumblezee
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Ameena (ah MEEN ah) (Arabic for “truthful, trustworthy”)

Originally named Ameena by her parents

Sometimes referred to as Amee, Star, Yvara, or Yv.

Female ♀

2.5 season-cycles of age (30 moons)
Born on July 15th (Summer season)
Zodiac sign is Cancer

Resides in Light-Tribe
Born in exile
Tattoo is Orange-Light
Power is Primary
Profession is Healer

Approximately 8” tall and weighs about 13 pounds
Breed history shows that Ameena is a Domestic Medium Hair and Turkish Angora mix
Fur length is medium-long
Scars exist on her right foreleg (three scratches from Zarya) and on her left shoulder (four scratches from Zarya)
Accessories consist of a beaded tail bracelet with a white feather (from Kenieen)
Is said to smell like honeysuckle and ocean water

Mother is Suraa | Black-Water | Calico Turkish Angora | Status Unknown (Assumed alive)
Father is Noshi | Grey-Fire | Black/White DMH | Deceased
Sister is Amala | Black-Earth | Black/White DMH-Turkish Angora mix | Status Unknown (Assumed alive)

No current mate
Former mate is Sylvester | Green-Air | Brown American Shorthair mix | Status Unknown (Assumed dead)

Baby daddy is Rey | Silver-Earth | Black/white moggy | Earth-Tribe

Daughters are Arcis | Pink-Orange-Fire | Gold moggy | Fire-Tribe
Aleu | Pink-Orange-Water | Calico moggy | Water-Tribe
Konane | Pink-Light | Calico moggy | Deceased
Ascella | Pink-Orange-Air | Calico moggy | Air-Tribe
Flare | Kit | Tortoiseshell moggy | Light-Tribe
Bon | Kit | Tortoiseshell moggy | Light-Tribe
Zay | Kit | Grey moggy | Light-Tribe

Sons are Kyer | Blue-Green-Shadow | Black/White moggy | Shadow-Tribe
Kyrian | Blue-Water | Black moggy | Deceased
Snow | Kit | Black moggy | Light-Tribe

Former mentor is Kiara | Orange-Light | Brown Pixie-Bob | Deceased
No apprentice

Former apprentice is Neera | Orange-Light | Black Javanese mix | Deceased

Best friend is Maika | Orange-Air | Cinnamon Chausie/Somali/Siamese mix | Light-Tribe

As a Primary Light-Triber, Ameena has these skills:
| Herbal Knowledge | Healing Small Wounds | Healing Medium Wounds | Concentrating Gaze | Healing Wounds | Double the Effort | Double the Amount | My Healing Wish | My Blood for Your Blood | Anesthetic | Knock Out |

| Friendly | Hard-Working | Indecisive | Impatient | Devoted | Encouraging | Obsessive | Clingy |

| Friendly | Admittedly Ameena's best trait. This she-cat is most always willing to make a friend- unless the other is rather snobby or something similar. With her optimistic self left behind in the past, she's not willing to see the good in /everyone,/ and might have trouble making friends with some cats, but if there's a good first impression then you'll be able to count on her.
| Hard-Working | Even if she's "just a healer," Ameena's got responsibilities, and takes the time to attend to them properly. Whether training her apprentice, hunting for her Tribe (which is, admittedly, not something she's too great at), or healing a patient, Ameena will always give every duty her full attention and energy until the end.
| Indecisive | One of the traits that's stuck with Ameena through the years is her indecisiveness. Wanting to please her friends while also trying to please herself can sometimes be a bit difficult, so, when asked to pick between one thing or another, the she-cat will, more often than not, struggle to come up with her decision. It's best to leave the decision-making to yourself and the action to her.
| Impatient | While Ameena doesn't have a problem sitting still, she sure doesn't like waiting on others. Despite her indecisiveness, the she-cat will often just shove aside all decisions and do what she wants to if someone else is taking too long. This hastiness often proves to be a rather poor personality trait, as it can negatively effect her work as a healer, and cause her to potentially harm a patient. She's been taking excercises to work on her impatience, but it is a slow process.
| Devoted | Perhaps considered to be a bit OCD, Ameena is dedicated to everything she does, whether it be hunting, healing, or even being a mother. Rolling right along wither her obsessiveness and her determination, Ameena's devotion to her work borders on insane. Everything she does has to be perfect, mind you, which can be time-consuming. This, in turn, messes with her impatience, which can cause her to obtain a foul mood if something is taking too long to perfect. However upset she may be, the she-cat will always continue working forward, because she knows she needs to get things done.
| Encouraging | This trait was developed during Ameena's time as a mentor and a mother. When confronted by a cat with something to strive for, Ameena will often put on a smile and tell them to give it everything they've got. If she is particularly close to this cat, she may even try and help out with the task, even if she's unwanted. However, to compliment her clinginess, the she-cat will continue to assist the other until completely ignored or snapped at. Thens he may take a hint and back off.
| Obsessive | This trait, while mostly associated with her work as a healer, is not limited to it solely. A companion to her devotion, Ameena's obsession with just about everything she likes or does is one reason why she has trouble maintaining friendships with others for long. If bored and out of work, the she-cat may visit a friend- and if she is welcomed once, then obviously she'll assume she'll be welcome all the time. When associated with her work, the she-cat will work herself to the bone until her job is perfect and complete.
| Clingy | As previously explained by her obsessive ways, Ameena developed a bit of clinginess when she became a mate and a mother. When she makes a friend, the she-cat expects them to be there whenever she wants them, and will do anything to spend time with said friends until she's finally confronted about it. This cliny trait, however, is especially bad when it comes to Ameena's kittens- especially Kyrian. As her favorite child, the healer worries constantly about her son, and may occasionally bother a Water-Triber or two to check on him. The same can go for all of her kits, of course, but none as crazy as her youngest.

| Before | Into the World | Misery | Conformity | Friends, Foes and the Like | Turn Here | This Feels Familiar | Motherhood | The Aftermath |

| Before | When Noshi met Suraa, he was well over the age of five and still grieving the loss of his former mate, Yvara, who had died years back while pregnant with his kittens. However, he was looking for a one-night stand, and she was instantly captivated. By the end of the night the she-cat was on the way to being pregnant. When she found out Noshi had already left, as this was weeks later, thoughs he still loved him. Suraa found and told the Grey-Fire, who at first refused to be any sort of a father, but was soon forced into remaining by her side by Suraa's parents. The two settled into a bit of underbrush in present-day Pheasant Woods.
| Into the World | A few weeks later, Suraa gave birth to two kittens, later named Ameena and Amala. Despite their parents' growing distaste of one another, the two sisters grew up quite well the first few moons of their life. However, there were some differences between them. Amala, sweet and virtually innocent, stuck close to her mother, learning stories passed down of how terrible the Tribes were and how she should never, ever, under any circumstances, go anywhere near the cats with the bright tattoos. Ameena, on the other paw, was adventurous and curious about the world, though cautious nontheless. She spent most of her time with her father, Noshi, listening to him praise the Tribes (when he wasn't brooding). The kittens received dark markings upon their sixth moon of life, both to their suprise and their parents'. Neither bore the mark of their parents. However, upon recognizing Ameena's Light-Tribe tattoo, Noshi became increasingly interested in his eldest daughter, and began to teach her everything he could about healing and the Tribes.
| Misery | Life easily went from happy and normal to meloncholy and eventful for the small family when the kittens were seven moons old. Driven by her mate's lack of affection for her, Suraa up and left her home, disappearing in the middle of the night without even glancing back. Noshi barely noticed, Ameena was a bit upset, and Amala was grief-stricken. In an effort to find her mother, the younger sister departed as well, after having been unsuccessful in her attempt to convince Noshi to go find her. When Ameena discovered her sister's disappearance she instantly ran to her father, who had enough heart to track her down, Ameena by his side. The two easily managed to find the missing kitten, but were quickly attacked by a fox. Noshi ushered his kits up a tree and then tore into the creature. The two fought for a while, but years of no training had drained the tom of his former abilities, and he soon lost the fight. The two watched in horror as the life was sucked out of their father, his bloody body dragged away by a creature twice his size. Amala was able to finally coax her sister out of hiding, and the two ran for their lives, young and alone.
| Conformity | Ameena and her sister lived by themselves for roughly four and a half moons after Suraa's disappearance and Noshi's death. Ameena, who wasn't all that great at hunting, stuck to remembering what her father had taught her about herbs and healing, and watched over their den while Amala caught the food. This life wasn't exactly luxury, but it was... life. Then, one day, Ameena was sitting around near the den when Amala came back with more than just a squirrel- she came with words. Knowledge. Hope. The Exiles were being called back to the Tribes. The Black-Earth seemed unimpressed, but Ameena was drawn by the words. If she joined the Tribes, she could prove herself to her father's spirit... Amala hardly tried to keep her sister from leaving, and, when asked if she was going, too, admitted she would take to hunting down their mother now. So the two said their goodbyes, and then parted ways the next day.
| Friends, Foes and the Like | When Ameena found the Tribes, her tattoo exploded into an array of color, pink and orange lighting up from her forehead to her chest. Power surged within her, and ghosts murmured in her ears. Apparently Noshi had done an excellent job naming his kits, because Ameena never received a "true" name from the Light-Spirit. She soon met with Neiru, the Silver-Light, and was assigned to be Kiara's apprentice in Air-Tribe. Being fairly social, it didn't take long for Ameena to make friends, beginning with the odder-than-odd Otter and the spunky Maika. She met others, too, but not all she got along with (Zarya), and not all were simply 'friends'. Upon her first meeting with the Green-Air Sylvester, Ameena was captivated. With a bunch of new friends to turn to, life in the Tribes seemed.... pretty great.
| Turn Here | Unfortunately, when Ameena had been in the Tribe only a few months, the land began to fall apart. The Silver-Light, Neiru, and Ameena's own mentor, Kiara, among others, were killed in the land's destruction. A warning by the Spirits came with the new Yellow-Light's spontaneous and dramatic arrival, telling the Tribes to move north. The cats were hesitant at first, of course, but finally all decided to make the journey. As the Tribes prepared for their trip, Ameena assisted the Silver-Light, Basil- who was also the only other healer in Air-Tribe at that time- with gathering herbs and making sure her Tribe was going to get along well on the move. In the meantime, however, she also accidentally bumped into Sylvester again- and when all seemed hopeless, the two managed to find love, and became mates a few days before the move.
| This Feels Familiar | Settling into Air-Tribe's territory was somewhat difficult for the tortoiseshell. Fortunately, she didn't have to worry about that for long- only days after the move, Basil decided to gather up every healer in the Tribes and take them to a new camp, rebuilding Light-Tribe as an actual Tribe and not just assistants to the others. With just a day left to spend with her mate, Ameena made the most of it, pushing aside her worries and doubts and spending the entire day- and night- with Sylvester. The next day he escorted her to the clearing beside the Council of Spirits, then left her to settle with her new Tribe-mates.
| Motherhood | A few days after her move to Light-Tribe's new territory, Ameena began to feel sick to her stomach. After days of this, but no outward signs of her actually being ill, the healer confronted another, and discovered that she was pregnant with Sylvester's kittens. When she told her mate, the tom agreed to stay in Light-Tribe with her until the kits received their tattoos. When the time came for her to give birth, the process was long, and took up quite a few hours. At the end of it, there lay six kittens at her side- two males, and four females. Ameena was squeamish about being a mother, considering how poorly she herself had been brought up in regards to Suraa, but did her best anyway. In particular, she formed a strong bond with her youngest kit, Cross, and prayed to the Spirits that he might receive the Light-Tribe tattoo on his sixth moon. However, the Spirits had other plans. Cross, now Kyrian, was sent to Water-Tribe with one of his sisters. Three of her other kits were sent to Fire-Tribe, Shadow-Tribe, and Air-Tribe, while her daughter, Konane, remained behind in Light-Tribe. Disappointed but knowing this was bound to happen, Ameena gifted each of her kits with little accessories she'd asked specifically for from various other Tribes, and gave Kyrian her own necklace, knowing he'd never forget where he came from.
| The Aftermath | Life without kittens was a strange one, especially since Sylvester had returned to Air-Tribe now. Determined to spend time with her mate, Ameena ventured to her old Tribe on a stormy day, ready to share another night with him. However, upon her arrival, her best friend, Maika, hesitantly informed her that the tom had been missing for days now, and that nobody knew where he'd gone. Upset by the information, Ameena snapped, running straight home and accusing one of her Tribemates (and former love interest), Kenieen, of driving her mate away. After a long verbal argument the tom attacked her, nearly suffocating the Orange-Light, but quickly ceased the action. The two made up overnight, but when the tom awoke, she was gone. He soon found her at the edge of the Breathing Caldera, staring down into the steaming abyss, ready to throw everything away and jump. Kenieen managed to stop her in time, reminding her that there were things to live for, and even confessing that he loved her. Ameena avoided the end of his speech and agreed to return home instead of taking her life, and the two went back to Light-Tribe.

As said in her voice meme, Ameena is voiced by Cricket Leigh.
Ameena is heterosexual, but could be considered bicurious.
Her favorite prey is squirrel.
Her favorite color is blue.
Ameena has been proven to have issues staying committed in her relationships.
Her primary goal in life is to live up to her father's standards and be the best healer she can.

Voice Actor Meme
Heart Chart
Hypokit Meme
Age Chart
TGB Meme #1

Taken from this roleplay.

[Orange-Light | Ameena | Breathing Caldera] Ferocity raged in the flaming depths of the healer’s eyes as her companion spoke. Why was Kenieen making this all about himself? She nearly hissed as he touched her but held her tongue, deciding it simply wasn’t worth the effort. ’Will you get to some sort of point already?’ she groaned inwardly, still avoiding his blind gaze as he searched her own. Her kits? They were all growing up and doing just fine without her. Her family? What family? He’d already covered the kits. Sylvester was gone. Her father was dead. Her mother and sister were probably off in paradise together somewhere, not a care in the world. That was it. M? What was M? Finally she turned her gaze to him, confused and still a bit angry. ’Me. He’s talking about himself again.’

Honestly, she felt a bit more confused now. What about him? He’d nearly killed her last night, so there wasn’t any difference in her doing it now. His words rang in her ears, his rambling almost unclear to her. Why should she care if he snapped? Maybe that’d be a good thing. She’d hurt him before, she could easily do it again. Right? ”Why should I care about your sanity if mine’s already gone?” she inquired drearily, narrowing her eyes a smidge and stepping away from his grasp- slightly towards the cliffside again. ”My kittens don’t need me. My mate’s abandoned me. My father’s dead, has been for seasons. My mom’s off somewhere and my sister’s tracking her down. I don’t have any anchor to this place any more.”

The ears atop her head twitched only slightly at his next words, and she looked away again, cracking a stupid, twisted smile. ”I don’t want you to help me. And I’ve never helped you, anyway, just torn you down, piece by piece. Why are you still fighting, Kenieen? This war is pointless. There’s nothing left to fight for.”

Ameena © moi
Art © =eliza1star
TGB © ~Atalae and *Tzurai
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